About Work Management, Inc.

Work Management, Inc. (WMI) was formed in 2004 with a focus on providing best-in-class work control and outage management services to the commercial nuclear industry.  The Co-founder of WMI, Mr. Gary Harland, is nationally recognized for his success in developing and implementing work control and outage management processes at numerous utilities.  Building on early successes, WMI’s services have been expanded to cover a broad range of the Standard Nuclear Performance Model as well as project management, cost estimating, and planning & scheduling.  With an average annual growth rate of more than 75% since inception and 22% over the past five years, WMI has a demonstrated record of success.

  • Steve Maehr

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Gary Harland


  • Jim O'Connor

    Executive Vice President of New Business Development

  • Dean Munsey

    Vice President

  • Rick Beerman

    Vice President